Soft-Story Buildings Design and Engineering

soft-story retrofit program

Army of Builders always evaluate our soft-story retrofit program from the vantage point of the building owner or manager. What would they want to find in a retrofitting of buildings needing a seismic retrofit? Which earthquake retrofit contractors Los Angeles team would I select and why? Here in the Army of Builders, we continue to refine our soft story-retrofit program to answer questions you have.


The designers of the Army of Builders have developed time and cost savings designs to comply with the seismic retrofit ordinance Los Angeles and surrounding communities. It allows us to complete the seismic retrofitting scope in 30 days or less. Our soft story retrofit designs are known and accepted by the city’s approval process. We know before we start which design can and will be built and how long it will take to get it done.

City Review and Permit Issuance

Prior to securing your building permit for retrofitting of buildings in and around Los Angeles, the habitability office of the housing department must approve the work and start to finish duration. If you are familiar with this office you know how non-responsive it can be. We have established a relationship, a direct and personal connection, business trust, and a responsive team that helps us facilitate the start of construction. Most of our competitors don’t even offer this service and certainly not in their proposed cost of the seismic retrofit work.

Experts in Army of Builders

The construction experts in the Army of Builders value-engineered the entire process of fabrication and installation of moment frames, shear wall framing, cripple walls, and more. We made the seismic retrofitting process more cost-efficient. We also simplified, standardized, and automated the retrofitting of buildings wherever possible. We use our project volume to prefabricate and store materials offsite to make sure there are no delays during the earthquake retrofit work.  In short, we offer a production-level solution, a conveyor belt system to minimize the impact for the shortest duration possible, and never more than 30 days.

City Requirements

In the Army of Builders, we know your soft story retrofit program and have the expertise, experience, and in-house staff to ensure full earthquake retrofit Los Angeles and all other city requirements. We jump through the hoops and satisfy the needs of the seismic retrofitting program so you don’t have to. We handle the entire earthquake retrofit program that needs to start to finish including paying all fees, inspections, and required changes. Army of Builders will achieve full seismic ordinance compliance Los Angeles and surrounding city’s ordinance compliance without surprises. 

The team of Army of Builders has designed and developed exactly the programs to meet the ordinances for retrofitting of buildings just like yours. We stand behind our program with these guarantees ready to serve your seismic retrofit needs. Contract us here to have one of our engineers provide you with a no-obligation free evaluation and if necessary an estimate to complete your seismic retrofitting.