Room Additions

Every family knows just what it feels like when your house begins to get just a little too crowded. When the only bathroom in the house always seems to be occupied, when there isn’t enough closet space, or when you’re cramming all of your possessions into the only spare room or storage space in the house, it might be time fora room addition. Here at the Army of Builders, we specialize in room additions! We’d be happy to work with you to find the perfect addition for your home–we’ll build you something that seamlessly aligns with your existing structure so that your new addition can be as least intrusive as possible.

Your Idea Comes To Life With Army of Builders

If you know precisely the type of room addition that you’re seeking, let us know. We can work with you to bring your idea to life. If not, we’d love for you to talk to our in-house engineering team to present you with several different options. Whether you’re looking to add a new bathroom, a modern bedroom, a dining room, or an office space, we can walk you through the process and show you all of your options.