Residential Construction Remodeling

The process of constructing a building or infrastructure is called construction. Construction is not the same as manufacturing, for construction, basically is taking place on location for a known client, while manufacturing typically includes mass production of similar items, without a label purchaser or clients.
In the developed countries the industry of construction, comprises, at least 6 up to 9% of the gross domestic product.

Construction also starts with design, planning, and financing, which is continued until the project is built and is ready for use. Residental construction remodeling requires collaboration across several disciplines, which is also about large-scale construction. During the activities, a project manager manages the budget on the work, and a design manager, construction manager or architect and construction engineer supervises it. The ones involved with the execution and design must relate to requirements of zoning, the environmental impact of the budging, job, scheduling, availability, construction-site safety, and transportation of building materials, inconvenience to the public and logistics caused by construction bidding and delays. Often, large construction projects are considered megaprojects.

This residential construction main steps for a single-family or small multi-family house are the following: 

  • An engineered soil test of the lot is obtained where constructions are planned. 
  • Developing floor plans and gaining a material lot for estimations.
  • Getting the lot survey
  • If necessary, obtain government building approval.
  • Survey for staking out for the foundation.
  • Clearing the building site, in other words, to get rid of the existing home if necessary.
  • Excavating the foundation and digging footers.
  • Obtaining approval from the homeowners association (HOA) or architectural review committee (ARC).

After those main steps when the basis is done with the foundation it comes to installations for plumbing grounds, pouring the foundations and footers with concrete. Then the main-bearing structures are built out of thick pieces of wood and possibly metal l-beams for large pens with several supports. Afterword, floor, and ceiling joists are added and subfloor panels are installed.

Building inspectors may visit if necessary, for approving the utilities and framing. Separately bathroom fixtures are installed and also installations for major appliances are done.

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