The words "remodeling" and "renovating" are often used conversely when it comes to contracting, real estate, or interior design. Yet,  professionals who work in those industries, the terms bring to two very different things. The difference between them is that remodeling refers to restoring creating something new, meanwhile, a renovation is just restoring something to its previous state.

What Is Residential Remodeling?

According to the dictionaries' definitions - "remodel" is "to alter the structure of".  
Whenever a project is taken on completely transforming the structure, layout, and style of a room, it means you are remodeling it. In other words, without the complete tweaks and updates, you definitively change the look and the layout of its space. For instance, if you want to reconfigure a household floor plan, it means you are remodeling. Similarly - if you are deciding to combine your living room with the kitchen to have an open-concept and more contemporary layout, then you are planning a remodel, but not a renovation. 

Remodeling Process

In general, builders mostly are focused on building new homes, which means that remodeling (renovation) is a part-time process or activity for such tradespeople. The services and processes that are required for renovations are some kinds of specific, however, building a new house is relatively certain. 

Usually, during the remodeling process, the projects require flexibility from the companies, to respond to unexpectedly arising issues. Besides flexibilities, the projects, that include renovation, also require a plan, which had been agreed upon by all the parties. 
Traditionally, the planning process is involving feedback from the financial investor of the project, as well as from the designer. Some parts of plannings are also entailing the collection of data for the completion of projects and then, the project plan is being revised and given consent before the remodeling continuation․

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