Large-Scale Home Addition

It is always a good idea to add an extra story to your house,  increasing the size of your kitchen or living room and so on. However, there are, actually, loads of advantages and benefits to having home additions. To have a large-scale home addition in your house makes it easier to abetment your family members, increases space for your children, as well as it may even help you make extra income. 

There are several ways to make ADUs reality. For example, porches and garages can be enclosed to create an expanded area within your house. Building upon the top of your garage or somewhere else within the home is also a good idea and solution. Another option is combining two bedrooms into a larger living space. If you are interested in adding any kind of ADU to your home, Army Of Builders is here to help you create a unit that meets all your specific needs.

Income Suite

Short-tern and long-term home rentals are a very great method for using spaces you own and help to pay your mortgage. For instance, homeowners whose children have grown up and moved away, or the ones who just need to get more creative with the area they already have, it is a good solution to add an income suite to your house. If you are looking for an area which has a bathroom and a kitchen so you can rent out for the long term or something like AirBNB rental for a shorter term, an income suite is the best addition for your house, which will also add value to your house and will pay itself in the long run.

New Story

Do you want additional space within your home beyond an extra bedroom or just a little larger space, a new-story can be a good solution to your problem. The new stories are good ways to add more room for growing families, without enclosing or dividing the existing rooms of your house. It can be a comfortable place to add an entertainment hall, an option for an additional dwelling unit and other living rooms.

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