Kitchen Remodeling

Your Design Comes To Life

If you already have a design in mind, we’d be happy to help turn it into reality. And if you need someassistance in planning out your new kitchen layout, we can direct you to our in-house team ofengineers, who would be happy to work with you and show you just how you can ensure that your newkitchen space is functional and efficient.

Is it finally time to remodel your kitchen? Is the original mid-century tile turning you off? Perhaps you’dlike to freshen up your home a bit with a nice, white kitchen, some new cabinets, LED lighting, and amodern backsplash. If so, you’ve come to the right team of builders.Here atArmy of Builders, we’re proud to work with homeowners to design and build their dreamkitchens right in their own home.Forget about moving, keep your home just the way it is. Instead, letour team come in and see what we can do.

Comprehensive Remodels & High Quality Materials

We’ll come and take a look at your existing kitchen to see where you could benefit from high qualitymaterials like tile, granite countertops, energy-efficient lighting and electric, and so much more. Wehave a wide selection of materials that you can choose from, and we can even do something custom–just for you.