Home Building

Throughout our time in business, we’ve become known more and more for our new construction and home building services, in addition to all of the work that we do with seismic protection and retrofitting. Here atArmy of Builders, our home building team has a deep understanding and extensive expertise in modern new constructions and is always standing at the ready to put your plans to use and turn your vision into reality.

New Constructions

When it comes to new constructions, we know that it all begins with a foundation. In addition to constructing your home to the detail of your plans, we also implement our own special foundation process that helps to keep your home protected from earthquakes by increasing its seismic performance.

For every new build that we construct, we’re always focused on ensuring that each home remains safe from earthquake risk, as well as its inhabitants.

Cutting-Edge Building Materials

When you’re in the industry for as long as we’ve been, you begin to adopt the most cutting-edge building materials, equipment, and strategies in the industry. Everything from our materials, to our equipment, is modern and designed with the latest construction technology, allowing us to get the job done better, faster, and within your budget.