Foundation Repair

It’s safe to say that older buildings always tend to need some general maintenance and rehab to ensurethat they remain strong, durable, and safe as the years continue to go on. And in the city of LosAngeles, the stakes are raised even higher with an increased frequency of earthquakes becoming evermore common with the passing of each year.Here atArmy of Builders, we offer a comprehensive foundation repair service specifically designed tobring the foundation of your building up to code, up to today’s builder’s standards, and up to today’searthquake protection technology, so that you can rest assured knowing that your building stands tallon a strong foundation that’s built to last

RemodelingWhether you’re remodeling your buildingor are simply looking to fix your foundation, our team atArmyof Builderswill bring in our in-house engineering team to assess the performance of your foundationfor normal everyday stress, as well as seismic stress caused by earthquakes. From there, we’lldetermine just how extensive your foundation repair could be.With every foundation repair service that we perform, our main goal is to ensure that your building andits inhabitants remain safe and free from harm each and every time they step foot inside your frontdoors.