Earthquake Retrofit

Quality Work When It Counts

AtArmy of Builders, our promiseto you is that all of your earthquake retrofit buildings are safe, strong,and secure when tragedy strikes. For all of our retrofit projects, our goal is to ensure that our clientssave time, money, and most importantly, lives

Buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 were built according to the building codes at that time.However, the times have changed and earthquake protection has become more and more crucial fornew constructions. But when it comes to protecting your older, soft-story building, these buildings aremore prone to damage and collapse. We provide a soft-story retrofit solution designed to strengthen thefirst story, or the soft-story, to ensure that we can improve the building’s seismic performancedramatically.

How An Earthquake Retrofit Can Help You

While the upper stories of your building may still experience some issues when it comes to seismicperformance, a soft-story earthquake retrofit is specifically designed to increase the seismicperformance of your building as a whole by a long-shot. This type of retrofit helps to boost theperformance of the soft-story of your building, so that it can stand tall in the event that an earthquakestrikes.