Commercial Construction Cannabis Business

commercial construction Cannabis business

There are many types of construction, and commercial construction is one of them, which in turn includes a number of categories. Commercial construction involves building projects that can be leased or sold in the private sector. These spaces can be anything from offices and manufacturing plants to medical centers and retail shopping centers. In commercial construction, Cannabis Business is considered one of the several categories, and we are going to speak detailed about it in today’s article.
Each commercial construction project varies in size and effort and is unique in its own way. The designs and layouts of a structure are decided entirely by the client. Each client is unique so projects will be different. In commercial construction, a project can be separated into 3 sizes:

  • Small-scale
  • Medium-scale
  • Large-scale

Let’s first dive a bit more in commercial construction and its three sizes.

Small-Scale Projects

Commercial construction, on a smaller scale, usually involves projects that center around rebranding or changing the look of a structure. Many small-scale projects can be seen as projects that focus on updating the interior design of a building. This means taking an older or outdated space and giving it a fresh appearance, new floors, and maybe even new technology. This type of commercial construction can also be referred to as light commercial construction.

Medium-scale Projects

What is commercial construction on a medium-scale? To keep buildings in their prime condition takes a lot of work and time. Just because a building has already been built doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Buildings grow old, companies hire more employees, and extra facilities need to be made. A business that wants to renovate its building will try to maximize the space as much space as possible. Medium-scale projects are when clients want to remodel, expand, or restructure their building. Medium-scale projects take more time, work, and effort than small-scale projects.

Commercial Construction on Large-Scale 

Small-scale and medium-scale jobs are easy to understand, but what it is when talking about commercial construction on large-scale projects? Large-scale commercial construction projects are their own task. Unlike other commercial construction projects, large-scale projects have no previous structure to work with. High-scale jobs need to be done extremely carefully to be successful. Large-scale projects are structures such as high-rise buildings, dams, and warehouses. Large-scale projects take the words “from the ground up” literally. Only experts in the commercial construction business should really take on a project like this.

Difference Between Other Types and Commercial Construction

What is commercial construction doing differently and what is the difference between other types and commercial construction? All types of construction projects need great planning, but what is commercial construction doing that separates it from other types of construction? The key difference between commercial construction and other construction is communication. Communicating with the client is important for every construction project, but it’s especially important in commercial construction. Commercial construction is all about the client’s vision for the project. Contractors need to talk with their clients as much as possible to create this vision. If the communication is there, there is no doubt that the client will be satisfied with the final product.

Commercial Construction Process

Cannabis clinic construction

The whole process of commercial construction contains the following stages:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Finished Project

It is important to figure out what the client really wants versus what the client really needs. This gives a rough estimate of how much the project will cost. It’s hard to give a very accurate estimation of the cost of the project in this stage of the construction process; however, it is important for securing an initial budget for the project.

After securing the budget, you should create drawings or 3D models to show the client how the structure will look. If the client is not happy with the design. you won’t be able to move on. This is why communication is one of the most important things for those working in commercial construction. If you and the client don’t communicate enough, you will both be disappointed in the final result.

Once construction begins, the scheduling of workers and the budget should be kept under control. If the client decides to change their idea for the project, this results in a few changes to the scheduling and budget of the project. Clients who change their minds should be aware of the changes in the schedule and budget.

When the project is nearing completion or is already done, you and your client should walk through and inspect the finished project. Once the client confirms that everything is good and you guys settle all the logistics, then you have officially completed the project.

Business in the Cannabis Space

When developing a business in the cannabis space, there are many variables to consider in the beginning stages of development. The first stage is crafting a blueprint of a brick and mortar canna-business through the design-build method. This method reduces costs and risks by a large margin for any starting cannabis business.

The design-build method is a delivery method structure that integrates design and construction for the completion of a project with one company under one contract. It’s the act of putting together design and construction to complete the blueprint of a building.

These two go hand in hand as they both require a set of workers in their specific particular-field in getting everything done in a timely manner. It’s used to reduce risks for you as a project owner and increase the productivity of building your marijuana grow facility, extraction lab, dispensary, or another canna-business facility.
It’s completed in an organized way that combines efforts to ensure the safety and completion of any type of building. These are only the nuts and bolts of design-build that make a cannabis facility what it must be, especially in a highly regulated market. However, if your marijuana business were to operate separately with architectures and several contractors that aren’t needed it could lead to large costs and large time consumption. Therefore, it’s best to work with a design-build team that have all these done for you to complete a structured building in compliance with your state’s cannabis regulations.

Army of Builders can Help

Commercial construction is a type of construction that requires a lot of skill and experience. Despite planning the same as other construction projects, during any commercial construction the Army of Builders’ team heavily focuses on communication with the clients. This communication is what leads the client to be happy with the final result. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-scale project, or particularly is a cannabis business construction, communication is crucial in a commercial construction project.