It’s safe to say that not all cabinets are built the same. Here at Army of Builders , we specialize in creating custom cabinets for our clients that not only live up to the demands of daily living, but that offer some added elegance, some added luxury, and most importantly, some added detail to your space–whether they be for a kitchen, a bathroom,or a closet. For us, nothing is ever more important thanplacing the highest emphasis on quality, which means that our cabinetry is 100% top of theline.

Premium Materials

We understand just how important durability and longevity is for our clients, which is why we’ve ensuredthat all of our custom cabinets are built from the very best materials that we can possibly find. Ourmaterial sourcing strategy is comprehensive, and we only purchase materials from manufacturers andsources whom we’ve worked with before in the past, and whom we’ve built strong and trustingrelationships with throughout our nearly 40 years.We strive to offer our clients the most cutting-edge and updated custom cabinet solutions that they canfind, so that they can turn their space into a luxurious experience