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Carpentry is skilled service delivery and trade, where the shaping, cutting, and installations of building materials are being performed during the construction, such as ships, concrete formwork, timber bridges, and so on.
In general, mostly used constructing material is wood in the carpentry field. Wood is originally one of the oldest building materials of humanity. Shaping the wood substances had been improving and becoming easier with technological inventions through time.

Archaeological Evidence Of Carpentry

In the neolithic period, over 7000 years ago, appeared the earliest archaeological evidence of carpentry, that were the notched, tenon and mortise cornered water well casings, which were built using split oak timbers. The limited information about carpentry is accessible from recent centuries before written languages, as long as skills and the knowledge were passing down among peoples unless the printing presses were made in the 15th century.

"De Architecture" was the first and the oldest architectural book collection, which discovered some articles discussing the carpentry.

Who are Carpenters?

Carpenters are craftsmen who perform in the construction industry working primarily with wood construction - from stair/staircase ornate woodwork and trim to entire framework of buildings. Many carpenters are working on building or construction sites, joining, installing, and cutting structural details, meanwhile, others pre-manufacturing some kind of structures and cabinets in different factories or shops.

In general, they work as independent contractors, although they have the ability to work on a major range of projects.

Carpenters' Duties

Carpenters' unique working duties are depending on in the cases they are working in finish carpentry or rough carpentry.  With reference to, know, that there are many fields in which carpenters are working to make specific types of wood goods.

Rough Carpentry

Rough Carpenters basically work outdoors on massive construction projects. For deciding what amount and type of materials are going to be needed for the labor, they use blueprints. Afterward, when the materials are chosen, the rough carpenters are cutting the materials based on specifications. Power or hand saws and woodworking machines may be used during the work. Then on being ready the specified sizes of materials, a carpenter will join them as elements of a bigger structure.

Often, instead of moving those elements into place, rough carpenters are building various temporary supports or stagings. 

So, if you are looking for someone who can perform scaffolding, framing, installing subfloor, and other random constructions that do not need careful attention to small details and does not need a fine fine touch for the design, rough carpenters are just as you are looking for. Sometimes, these people can be specialized in a particular job as well.

Finish Carpentry

Finish Carpenters, in general, are involved in creating furniture, cabinetry, models ad instruments, but also can make detailed and ornate, fine wood products for different kinds of uses. They can work on small scales efficiently and also be detail-oriented. Often they are working in shops, although many finish carpenters are traveling to construction sites, installing and fitting fine cabinets, trims, or other household furnishings.
Finish carpenters can be skilled in more than one carpentry field.

  • Trim carpentry - Trim carpenters are concentrated on trimming and molding window casings, doors, and mantels. They bridge occupational gaps between fine furniture makers framing carpenters. 

  • Cabinet makers - cabinetmakers are the ones who accordingly make cabinets, as well as refine and fabricate wardrobes, dressers, and storage chests. 

  • Scenic carpentry - scenic carpenters are crafting elaborate sets, which means they are working in the film industry. 

  • Delicate carpentry - if you want someone to provide the finishing touched to a job, you should find a delicate carpenter for you. Delicate carpenters' duties are making baseboards, building elegant cabinets, putting hardwood floors, and doing other multiple jobs that need careful attention to their tiny details. In general, this type of carpentry needs more skilled workers and often specialized tools to implement the jobs.

Carpentry Tools

As we already know about carpenters’ traditional trades and roles in the construction industry, we wondered what carpentry tools are there to carry out works and what are they for. In the list below we will also provide a brief description of a couple of most common carpentry tools.

Spirit Levels - within the time, we all got smartphones where there are plenty of measuring virtual functions are available, spirit levels are critically important to get a perfect leveled surface on whatever create. In case you are working with studs, it would be better to have longer spirit levels, so your product will be neater.

Claw Hammer - carpenters’ next vital tool is the claw hammer. There can be wood and steel hammers. While using wood hammers, it is recommended to wear safety gloves otherwise it will make your hands sweaty. And if you are working with steel hammers, make sure there are rubberized grip, through which you can control well and improve grip performance. There is also another type of a claw hammer - sledgehammer, which are quite powerful hammers, yet they are lightweight enough so you can complete your work avoiding being tired due to hammers’ heaviness.

Nail Gun - You will absolutely need a nail gun in case you are a woodworker. This tool allows you to pop nails very efficiently and faster, it means a nail gun saves money and time during the carpentry process. Choose the ones which are going to be used more by you and fit your work best, for there are multiple models of nail guns.

Chisel - Chisels can be in various sizes (¼ - 2 inches). They are used for completing clean cuts. Carpenters and woodworkers are chipping out wood fine woodworking jobs, such as door hinges and so on. Chisels can last longer if you keep the edges sharp and oiled. They are also great for positioning prying deck boards attaching them to the framing structure.

Work Bench - Another practical and convenient tool is a workbench which is also called sawhorse. Woodworkers can cut or work on the other pieces of wood, while it is rested on a workbench. Some of the best models are equipped with adjustable surfaces and clamps so you can move them around and fit any type of wood.

Quick clamps - Clamps are used to grip and secure the sharp pieces of wood and lumber, so your hand can freely cut, saw, and do other woodworking tasks easily. Quick clamps are especially effective when making 45-90 degree cuts.

Carpentry Tools

This queue of carpentry tools can go on being listed, for there are different types of carpentry areas and each carpenter could need various woodworking tools, such as a set of circular saws, drills, grinders, block plane, nail punch and so many on - it is a priority to have the right tool at the right moment.

How To Hire Right Carpenters?

As we said, there are so many skilled fields and it is going to be confusing to differ and know what you need exactly. For example, if you need crown molding to put up in our house, you do not have to hire a framer. 

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