About Us

With over 40 years of combined construction experience,Army of Buildersis here to ensure that LAbuilding owners have the solutions that they need to ensure that their buildings are safe, secure, andmost importantly, seismically protected. Throughout our time in business, we’ve set our sights on onemain goal–to ensure that every building in LA, whether a new construction, a remodel, or a seismicretrofit for a soft-story high rise is protected against the increasing threat of an earthquake.Through our in-house engineering services, our dedicated team of industry professionals, our on-siteteam of builders, foremen, and engineers, and our customer support staff,Army of Buildersis alwaysstanding at the ready to deliver.

What Is A Soft-StoryRetrofit?


Buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 were built according to the building codes at that time.However, the times have changed and earthquake protection has become more and more crucial fornew constructions. But when it comes to protecting your older, soft-story building,these buildings aremore prone to damage and collapse. We provide a soft-story retrofit solution designed to strengthen thefirst story, or the soft-story, to ensure that we can improve the building’s seismic performancedramatically.

New Constructions & Remodels


Today’s building technology is as advanced as it has ever been, and we always place earthquakeprotection and seismic performance at the top of our list when we design new constructions or take ona new remodel.Work hand in hand with our team of engineers to ensure that your structure is safe fromdamage and collapse.


Our Mission


AtArmy of Builders, our mission is simple–we’re focused on deliveringrealresults for our clientsthrough the performance of their buildings when it counts. Our goal is to ensure that our clients savetime, money, and lives when tragedy hits by being structurally sound and seismically prepared.




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