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Don’t Risk Your Buildings Or Your Inhabitants Safety For Another Minute Longer

We are the Army Of Builders and our company helps LA building owners - just like you - save time, money and lives, and get the protection they need with expertly executed soft story retrofitting.

Right now there’s a good chance your building is at risk from collapse during an earthquake - due to it being a soft story building.

People in high-risk areas such as Los Angeles (and soon - many places over the United States) are often left in financial ruins when the unexpected happens and they don’t have the protection they need. We can easily show you if you’re exposed to earthquake collapse, and how you can quickly and cost-effectively get retrofitted so you and your people are safe when tragedy strikes.


What Would Happen If Your Soft Story Building Collapsed?

Many people in high-risk buildings don’t think about what could happen if there is a serious earthquake and the soft story collapsed.

Loss of property - or worse - can occur, and repair costs would be through the roof. Complete demolition and rebuilding is likely the best solution after soft story collapse, as it’s too late to do anything else.

When you have completed a soft story retrofit, you can relax because you’re covered when something terrible happens.

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected

For 30 years, Army Of Builders has focused on building structural reinforcements which help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings.

  • Our quality work is value-engineered for the lowest installation cost and the highest-rated performance levels.
  • In-house, expert level staff with the most thoroughly tested and evaluated techniques in the industry.
  • In-house product testing and quality control engineers.
  • Support of industry groups including the Burbank Association of Realtors, Better Business Bureau, LA Chamber of Commerce, the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, CAA California Apartment Association and local engineering groups.

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected


Why Retrofit Soft Story, Or Open-Front Buildings?

All buildings constructed prior to 1978 were built according to the codes at that time. This means the buildings used materials and finishes that are non-ductile with low displacement capabilities. Simply put, these building types very are prone to earthquake damage, and in some case, to building collapse.

In a soft-story building, the ‘weakest link’ is the soft-story, so a retrofit solution that addresses the weakest link will provide the most cost-effective benefit. The upper stories may still have issues, but as long as these issues are not made worse, a first-story retrofit will improve the building’s seismic performance.

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset?

For years, districts in California have recommended the retrofitting of thousands of residential soft-story buildings. San Francisco, Berkeley and Los Angeles have already passed laws which require a mandatory retrofit.

These laws clearly show American families living in buildings with a soft story are vulnerable. Make sure you get your building the right protection so you know you’re covered if the unthinkable happens.

We estimate there are over 18,000 buildings which are at risk if an earthquake should occur. If a major earthquake happens, 80% of these buildings would collapse or be damaged beyond repair as a result.


You Can Rest Assured Because We Always Have Your Best Interests At Heart

What can be done to prevent such a disaster? That’s where Army Of Builders come in. We’ll inspect your building, discuss your needs and then come up with a personalized plan of action designed just for your building.

Don’t worry, you won’t be getting a sales pitch, you’ll be speaking directly with our team, NOT a salesperson.

Why are we giving away this seismic checkup? Because we understand the importance of keeping your building and your inhabitants safe, this is not a business to get into lightly. That’s why we don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics. We simply want you to get all the information you need and decide for yourself if you want our help.

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected

Here's what some of out delighted
clients say about us...

“After meeting Ara to discuss what it all might mean to start a retrofitting project, an offer which seemed too good to refuse was presented to me. Army of Builders was just great. Not able to tell you how happy I am with them. You won’t regret it”


Here’s What You Get At Your Free Seismic Checkup

  • Why You Absolutely Need A Retrofit If Your Building Has A Soft Story
    There are over 18,000 buildings which need retrofitting in LA alone - don’t become another statistic and leave your people in strife!
  • Professionalism guaranteed
    All our staff are in-house. This means you’re only dealing expert level staff who we trust, who have the most experience in the industry.
  • No Pushy Sales Pitch
    After your checkup, you won’t be getting a sales pitch. You’ll be speaking directly with our team, NOT a salesperson.

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected

We Educate You On Where Your Building is Exposed And Tailor a Solution To You

You may not be 100% certain your building requires soft story retrofitting, or what type of structure you have in place already.

We walk you through what type of reinforcement is essential for high-risk buildings and why you need it. We’ll go through your structure and break everything down simply so it’s easy to understand what might happen if something were to happen to it tomorrow.

After this, we’ll structure a soft-story retrofitting plan to you based on what your situation is, whatever your building type.


We Save You Time, Money & Frustration With Your Retrofit

Chances are, you have never done a retrofit project before.

All our employees are in-house -  you save on fees, as we don’t have to hire expensive contractors. You won’t have several unknown contractors on site who have never worked with each other - everybody is professional and reachable on one convenient phone number.

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected

FREE, No-Obligation, Soft Story Retrofit Inspection (Worth $300)

In your free inspection, Army Of Builders will take a full survey of your first story to uncover any high-risk areas and grade the health of your building. You’ll discover where you’re at risk, vulnerable, or if no action is required.

Fill in your details now and within 1 day, one of our team will contact you to organize your free inspection.

We only have the capacity to perform 27 of these inspections per month, so if you are unlucky number 28, I’m sorry but you will need to wait for more spots to open next month.

Please do not delay - join the smart Americans protecting their structures and their people from seismic disaster today

Discover If Your Building Is At Risk Of
Collapse And How To Get Protected