The New Los Angeles Soft - Story Retrofit Deadlines

Within recent years, the city of Los Angeles has taken major action to ensure that itsbuildings are safe,strong, and secure against the devastating effects of an earthquake. With new rules and regulationsbeing implemented, there is a sweeping call for compliance lead by the city government to ensure thatbuilding owners and operators verify that their structures are deemed safe from an engineeringstandpoint and that they are well-equipped to withstand the devastating effects of an earthquake.

What Is A Soft-Story Retrofit?

Buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 were built accordingto the building codes at that time.However, the times have changed and earthquake protection has become more and more crucial fornew constructions. Soft-story buildings are common in the city of Los Angeles, and most of them aremulti-story structures that feature a “soft-story” as the first floor. Typically, these are parking garageswith housing units above them.But when it comes to protecting your older, soft-story building, these buildings are more prone todamage and collapse. We provide a soft-story retrofit solution designed to strengthen the first story, orthe soft-story, to ensure that we can improve the building’s seismic performance dramatically.

The Notice To Comply

In 2016, Notice To Comply letters were sent out by the city of Los Angeles to all soft-story buildingsstating that building owners must engage in a soft-story retrofit to ensure that their building is bestprotected against seismic activity in the near future.Once you receive your letter, you have two years from the date of receipt to submit engineering plansto the city to retrofit your property. If you do not wish to retrofit your property, then you must submitplans to demolish it instead. Propertiesin Santa Monica and West Hollywood are required to submit aStructural Evaluation conducted by a Structural Engineer to assess the seismic performance of yourstructure as-is.Once your plans and Structural Evaluation is approved, you must take action toensure that yourstructure is retrofitted or demolished accordingly.

Army of Builders Is Here To Help

Here at Army of Builders, our in-house engineering team works directly with our team of builders toensure that we retrofit upgrade any building, whetherit be a home or a soft-story building, so that it canremain safe from a devastating earthquake.Our team of engineers would be more than happy to come to your structure and conduct an on-siteStructural Evaluation that you can submit to the city of Los Angeles for approval. From there, we’ll helpyou determine if a retrofitting is needed for your structure. And in the city of Los Angeles, we’re proud tolead the way to ensure that every building complies with the sweeping new rules and regulationsdesigned to save time, money, and lives.