Earthquake Retrofitting FAQs

When it comes to your building, you may not know the right steps to take to ensure that your structurecan withstand the damaging and often devasting effects of an earthquake. It can be difficult to know justwhat actions you should take if your building is susceptible to damage, and it can be even harder todetermine if your building requires more protection to increase its seismic performance. For that veryreason, we’re proud to bring our customers this comprehensiveEarthquake Retrofitting FAQ guide, sothat you can rest assured knowing that you have all of the resources you need to take the properprecautions against an earthquake.

How do I know if my structure requires improvements?

At Army of Builders, our team of in-house engineering professionals would be more than happy to paya visit to your home or building and conduct a thorough assessment to determine the strength of yourstructure.

Can repairing my foundation help to increase my seismic performance? Repairing your foundation can be an excellent method to improve your seismic performance. Becauseour structures sit on top of them, your foundation often serves as the first line of defense againstseismic activity, which means that if it’s in the best possible shape, you can increase your seismicperformance. Can I retrofit my home while in the middle of a remodel? You can retrofit your home whenever you wish. At Army of Builders, we also offer home remodelingservices and for many of our clients, this is an appropriate time to retrofit your home for earthquakeprotection. And during home additions, we can also retrofit the existing structure, while working to builda new structure that is also well-protected against earthquakes. I really don’t know where to begin–how can I get started? When it comes to earthquake protection, it’s safe to say that it isn’t exactlythe most common topicsamongst home owners. And in fact, many home owners don’t know where to begin. For that veryreason, our team here at Army of Builders is always standing at the ready to provide our clients witheverything they need to ensure that they make an informed decision when it comes to the structuralintegrity and seismic performance of their building.We’d be happy to talk to you about your building. Simply give us a call and reach out to us directly. Wecan even send a member of our in-house engineering team out to your property to take a look. We’d behappy to do everything we can to keep your home or building protected against the devastating effectsof an earthquake.