Are LA’s Buildings Prepared For An Earthquake?

A recent article publishedbyABC7 Eyewitness News in May of 2019suggests that LA’s buildings maybe vulnerable to damage caused by an earthquake. And if you’re a Los Angelino,then you know justhow dangerous and risky it could be to purchase, sell, or live in a building that could be susceptible toearthquake damage.The article claims that “back in 2015, the Los Angeles City Council passed one of the most stringent setof earthquake building rules in the country. Managed by the city’s Department of Building and Safety,the rules require owners of so-called soft-story buildings to reinforce the structures within seven years.”Now, four years later, here we are in 2019 still struggling with retrofitting these structures. And today,hundreds of LA’s buildings still remain out of compliance with these new rules.

But First–What Is A Soft-Story Building?

A soft-story building is a tall structure that often provides parking spaceson a ground level, withhousing units above it. In other words–many of the buildings in LA are soft-story structures. And whenit comes to earthquake protection and seismic performance, soft-story buildings aren’t exactly the beststructures.We can fixthem with something called soft-story retrofitting.

What Is Soft-Story Retrofitting?

Buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 were built according to the building codes at that time.However, the times have changed and earthquake protection has become more and more crucial fornew constructions. But when it comes to protecting your older, soft-story building, these buildings aremore prone to damage and collapse. We provide a soft-story retrofit solution designed to strengthen thefirst story, or thesoft-story, to ensure that we can improve the building’s seismic performancedramatically.While the upper stories of your building may still experience some issues when it comes to seismicperformance, a soft-story earthquake retrofit is specifically designed to increase the seismicperformance of your building as a whole by a long-shot. This type of retrofit helps to boost theperformance of the soft-story of your building, so that it can stand tall in the event that an earthquakestrikes.

Are You ReadyTo Get Into Compliance?

If you own a soft-story building, it may be time to consider reaching out to an expert team of buildersand seismic construction experts like Army of Builders. Here at Army of Builders, our in-houseengineering team works directly with our team of builders to ensure that we retrofit upgrade any soft-story building, so that it can remain safe from a devastating earthquake.With all of our clients, our goal is to walk them through the process every step of the way, so that theycan rest assured knowing that their structure’s seismic performance has been dramatically improvedthrough our soft-story retrofit. Our team of engineers will inspect your property first, and thenrecommend the best course of action to ensure the best protectionagainst the damaging effects of anearthquake.Remember, you only have three years left to comply with these new rules. Contact us today and let’sget started.